Jonas Yuan is an established commercial and editorial photographer based in California, known for his unique lighting style and ability to visually narrate stories. His remarkable skills have earned him the Gold award in the GCPMA Photography Contest, showcasing his excellence in the field.

Yuan's work has been recognized and awarded at various prestigious platforms, including the AD Star 2017 to 2023 at the Busan KAPA International Photo Festival. His photography has also been acclaimed by PDN, Photographer's Forum, Creative Quarterly, and other notable publications, underlining his significant impact in the world of photography.
His impressive client list includes prominent organizations such as Alibaba Pictures, LeECO, VW China, Singpoli Group, Lenovo, and Blue Focus Group. This diverse range of clients reflects the versatility and adaptability of his photography style, catering to different genres and industries.

Yuan's portfolio, rich in variety and depth. His work is a testament to his ability to work with models to everyday people with a story worth telling to capture and convey powerful narratives through his photography, making him a unique story teller in the photography field.

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